Even though the C-Breeze RIP default color settings produce amazing results, sometimes you want or need to change the color. Achieve a special look or correct a graphic that doesn't have great color. Give the image more punch or change the hue to make it look better on a particular color shirt. The possibilities are endless.

  • See results in real-time.

  • Global controls. Control brightness, saturation and contrast just by moving a slider

  • Make changes in RGB or CMYK color space

  • Create and save custom CMYK curves that you can then apply to other jobs

  • Can have a different settings for different jobs

  • Can view each CMYK channel individually or any combination of channels.

  • Bend the curve for all CMYK channels, each channel individually or any combination thereof.



Make global changes. Image a bit too dull or dark? Crank up the brightness slider a bit! Or, control R G B channels separately.

(settings below exaggerated for demonstration purposes).


Want even more control? Just click the Advanced Color Settings button and bend the CMYK curves. Create and save special curves for later use or edit individual jobs' color.


The un-modified graphic is always shown for comparison. Zoom-in to any part of the graphic for up-close comparison (up to 400% zoom)

Straighten the curve with a single click

You can add/delete handles as necessary.

  Select the channels you want to bend, then just drag the handle of any of the selected color and they all move together. You can also enter the desired number directly into the curve.
Display any combination of CMYK channels  to provide an exact visualization of your changes.





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